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Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Dear Readers,

This is day 1 and my first attempt at writing a blog. Over the next few weeks, months and who know years I will endeavour to try and inform, amuse and even entertain but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

But before we proceed I am forgetting the formalities and therefore I would like to introduce myself, my name is Grant Wilkins I am CEO of Bicester Hotel, Golf and Spa and started the role in April this year. I live in the northern Cotswolds and prior to commencing at BCC worked for 18 months in the city as CEO for a small property wealth management company and in my previous life was MD of a major UK hotel brand.

I love many things about this new role firstly, instead of commuting and living in London I now ‘amble’ to work, I amble through the Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire countryside which for any sane person is always a great start and end to the day. Bicester Hotel, Golf and Spa has a fantastic location, equidistance between London and Birmingham and on the edge of the Cotswolds it is surrounded by an 18 hole golf course and whilst I personally don’t play golf meandering down the drive alongside the first fairway with the sun shining on the greens at 8 o’clock in the morning brings a smile to my face and is a considerably better than getting stuck on the central line between Oxford Circus and Bank.

The difference I have found in the people I meet both staff, our members and our guests is that generally there is a much more positive disposition than the glum faces I have observed which no doubt included mine whilst commuting through the capital for 30 years. However there is a varied and distinct bustle of activity as the more laid back golfers mingle with the more determined looking health club members whilst our residents whether they are attending meetings in-house, working nearby or just passing through look on with interest.

So, having done the formal introduction and hopefully providing some sense of what my blog is about I will continue on a regular basis as I have said to definitely inform, possibly amuse and occasionally entertain.

I look forward to the next time