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Positive Changes – Personal Training

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Well, I am up to my 25th hour with my Personal Trainer here at the Gym in Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa.  I can’t believe that I could barely do three minutes on the cross trainer without wanting to collapse, yesterday, I was chatting away whilst on the cross trainer and realised that I had already done 20 minutes when I looked down at the panel. The difference it has made to my life is incredible, I feel so much better about myself, people have commented on how much better I look and how happy I look.

Last weekend I went to an engagement party in London and danced the whole night away, the only thing hurting me was my feet, dancing in high heels just isn’t the same as it was thirty years ago. I thought back to January this year when I was at my office Christmas party, I wanted to dance but hadn’t done so for so long, so I got up and danced for about 15 minutes, my mind was there but my body just wasn’t going along, I started to feel dizzy and actually went to the bathroom and was sick.  I didn’t want anyone to know, how on earth you could tell people I am so unfit I can’t dance for 15 minutes, but this was the truth.  You get to a stage where you don’t think anything can be done, I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux, walking up a flight of stairs was difficult, the doctor even suggested having surgery, a gastric band. This is a drastic action I thought, I must be able to do something, just a little something.  I considered going to the gym and did try but I just couldn’t seem to push myself and motivate myself.

Sometimes it takes a major event in your life to give you that push and motivation to do something about it, I knew deep down I had the willpower. I now have two personal training sessions a week, am strict with what I eat, Matt Woods my personal trainer put together a food plan for me and weights me once a week, this alone is an incentive, you don’t want to go backwards, we all have a relapse at some time and I did put 2lbs on during my holiday, but soon took this off, I have now lost about 19lbs since May, it’s not rapid weight loss but more a way of life and a gradual improvement.

I have noticed that I am getting more attention from men in general, its funny as soon as you look better, feel better, people see you differently, my social life has taken a turn for the better and keeping busy definitely helps. I can not recommend having a Personal Trainer enough, we all say I cant afford it but ditch the take- away, ditch the expensive meal out, ditch the magazines, stop reading about what other people do and do it yourself, spend your money on yourself and invest in your health and your future, I am. I will add frequent updates on here.

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