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February 17th, 2012 at 11:03

Through out the 2012 golf tournament season I will be playing on several tours including The Professional Golfers Association Europro tour, The Jamega tour and the TP series tour, as well as playing pro-ams in any spare time I may have.

The first of these events starts at Wensum valley from the 25th-27th April. My main aim this year is to finish in the top 5 in the European Golf Tour Order of Merit. This will enable me to automatically qualify for the European Golf Challenge Tour the following year. Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa has fantastic golf and fitness training facilities which will enable me to do this.

My daily routine generally consists of a morning warm up session on the golf driving range working my way through my golf bag. Starting with sand iron moving to driver and then back to short pitching clubs. I try not to focus too much on what the ball is doing at first and just working on the key movements in my swing. Following this I hit balls focusing only on my pre shot routine and distance control including the flight and attempting to hit the golf ball as I would in a tournament. This helps focus my brain on targets.
Being away on tour a lot in the summer my fitness levels are tested to the limit! Therefore it is key that I add fitness and a healthy diet to my daily routine. The Gym at Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa is ideal. On my first visit I had a talk with one of the Personal Trainers about what I wanted to achieve. They then helped me to generate a personalised fitness program to suit my needs. Long drives come from core strength and with a combination of flexibility and speed the further I can hit the ball. With all the latest cardiovascular and weights fitness equipment available at Bicester I find it easy to do this by targeting exercises for my legs, chest, arms and back.

I certainly recommend to all who want to get more out of there game to find the time where possible to build there own daily “routine’s” as I have mine. I leave you with a simple thought.
“The fear of bad golf shots come from the fear of hitting bad golf shots! Dan

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